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A Creative force for the Creator God

What if the church actually looked like Jesus?

This was the burning question that stirred in the heart of Scott Crownover and his wife Denise as they felt God calling them to start a new, unconventional, creative movement geared at using all forms of the arts to communicate the message of God's uncontainable love for the world. Along with some creative and rebellious friends, they decided to take a huge step of faith and see what God had in mind for this new spiritual movement they called the greenroom. A launch team began gathering once a month on Monday nights in a nightclub (yeah, that's how we roll) in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan to humbly and passionately seek God's guidance on the shape and direction of the greenroom. As they grew in spirit and number, they continually asked the question "Does this movement look like Jesus?"

On Monday night, September 27th, 2010 the greenroom officially opened its doors to the public at Dream Nightclub in downtown A2. Since then many things have changed, but our mission has always been the same: to be a creative force for the Creator God.


But the greenroom is essentially not about a place or a building, it's about an idea. It's about a dream - a dream that simply asks the question "What would happen if a group of imperfect yet passionate men and women creatively found ways of living out the life of Jesus in the world?" Not surprisingly, the answer to that question is all dependent upon YOU. No matter who you are or where you've been, we welcome you to discover the way of Jesus as a part of this new, exciting, creative movement called the greenroom.

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